Ms. Ivy Wereh

Founder of Cafemagnifico


We simply love coffee. Join our family.

Ms. Ivy Wereh is the founder of CafeMagnifico and has had a long career in fashion design until her love for coffee led to her research into the varieties of coffee grown in Africa, particularly Ghana. She and her team have since been growing and buying coffee beans from farms in the Volta Region of Ghana. Her diligence led to the production of CafeMagnifico, a true Ghanaian brand focusing on the Robusta coffee for now.

The concept driving cafemagnifico is to use a “hand-made” approach from cultivation to harvesting, sorting of beans and finally processing the beans ready for our customers. This gives our product a quality advantage because our trained eyes help to reduce mistakes as opposed to machine powered bulk production. Hereby satisfying our cherished customers in ways not common to other brands.